FAQ Answers About iPNUK Software
  1. I-Plant Nutrition provides tailored fertilization, including fertigation through an advanced digital platform based on the analyses of soil, water, plant tissue and media tests. The software can create fertilization plans for 271 different crops produced in soil or in hydroponics.
  1. We do not sell fertilizers. I-Plant nutrition focuses on recommending optimized fertilization plans based on more than 5000 fertilizers produced by various manufacturers.
  1. Of course! The software is simple to understand and is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. More languages are coming soon.
  1. Creating a fertilization plan takes less than 10 minutes in a location with an internet connection. Once the plan is created, it is possible to download and print your report.
  1. All our memberships are paid yearly.
  1. Our experts are available to assist you remotely by email or phone calls. Each of our commercial solutions offer certain hours of Fertilization as a Service, which is support by i-Plant nutrition agronomists.
  1. The product is not desktop software, but an online platform. The customer will be given a username and a password to access it.
  1. The software helps anyone that wants to make his life easier while balancing a fertilization plan. However, experience and knowledge together with technology is the best combination, and therefore the software can be a powerful tool in the hands of the consultant. On the other hand, if you�re not used to collaborating with consultants, you can use our software on your own.
  1. Don�t worry! Although our software has been created to be user-friendly, we have videos and demos that will help you to better understand the platform and all its features. Our consultants are available to guide you and create fertilization plans with you.
  1. Our teams of experts are available remotely by email or phone call.
  1. Usually, each laboratory works with its own extraction methods, but our software will give you the possibility to add the data in several different methods and interpret the lab results accordingly.
  1. The recommendations provided by the software are clear and easy to read. It also includes a graphic interpretation of those results that will help you to check your crop situation faster.
  1. Depending on the membership, the license allows you to have access to a certain number plant nutrition and software support by i-Plant nutrition agronomists.
  1. We have around 270 crops in our database, and they include grasses, cereals, orchards, vegetables, herbs, to name a few. Our agronomist team continuously updates our system with new crops, new fertilizers and new labs. Our goal is to provide our customers with the most accurate software to provide the best fertilization plan for each crop in any part of the world.
  1. As part of our software, there is a dedicated section where you can add a laboratory with the specific extraction methods for each nutrient.
  1. Field conditions are always changing. The recipe which worked in the past may not work in the future. I-Plant nutrition provides different solutions for different needs.
  1. Laboratories might take quite a while to provide the soil test results. However, it is possible to upload your soil test results to our software in a few minutes.
  1. The frequency of sampling depends on the crop, the growing method and the climate. Any agricultural practices (from tillage to fertilizer application) or weather conditions will have an impact on field conditions, therefore it is advised to undertake a soil tests every 3 to 6 months. If you�re growing vegetables or high value crops in substrates, we highly recommend media analysis for every growth stage. The drainage tool is available to regularly adjust your fertilization plan for crops in hydroponics.
  1. All forms of payment are accepted.