Smart Fertilizer is now i-Plant Nutrition
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I-Plant Nutrition (former Smart Fertilizer Software)
provide services since 2014 and has made considerable strides in production.

From integrated fertilization recipes, we are moving towards a more holistic approach
regarding plant nutrition, including pesticides and organic fertilisers.

Our software is a tool not only for farmers and agronomists but also for corporations and associations to succeed in better crop yields with minimizing the environmental pollution
(or with a sustainable way).

I-Plant Nutrition is the heart of our ecosystem.
The use of it can revive the agricultural industry and achieve healthier plants, soil and water.
Our software platform has been tested and used by professionals over these years.

Thousands of commercial agricultural projects have used our platform and found it beneficial.
Our team consists of professionals with experience in plant science, agriculture but also IT experts who are extremely passionate on making the difference with their knowledge and services.
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AgTech Involvement
We are proud to support The Kol Bar Foundation
We are proud to support 4ocean remaining plastic from the ocean and coastlines while promoting the reduction of plastic and usega
We are proud to support St George's Hospital Charity