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Smart Fertilizer is now i-Plant Nutrition
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I-Plant Nutrition launches App PRECISION AG TECH SOFTWARE


Precision ag-tech software, i-Plant Nutrition has launched a mobile application version of the software on both the Apple and Android app stores. The app will enable users of the game-changing software user-friendly access to their tailored information, advice, and guidance anywhere via their phones or tablets. The app is available to download now and is free to all i-Plant Nutrition customers. It also allows new customers to do their entire fertilization plan independent of their desktops or laptops.

In recent week, i-Plant Nutrition rebranded from its previous name of Smart Fertilizer. The rename signifies a new chapter for the company as their offering grows, with the launch of the app part of the platforms new provision. Alongside the pre-existing synthetic fertilizer related offering, i-Plant Nutrition is now also providing sensor less-irrigation guidance, a knowledge sharing platform and going forward to include organic fertilizer recipes and excitingly, pest and disease management.

On the horizon for the company is technology which will include pest control able to identify pathogens, pinpoint their location on a heatmap and recommend initially synthetic and later organic control. The software will also be able to recommend organic fertilizers which will be integrated into the software’s database, running on its own independent algorithm. Current new features of the updated i-Plant Nutrition platform are drainage capabilities which allows a user to control key parameters for hydroponics irrigation including drip and drainage, and media analysis, which allows a user to incorporate soilless substrate in the calculations for the precise fertilisation plan.

Johnathan Kol-Bar, CEO of i-Plant Nutrition commented: “After rebranding from Smart Fertilizer to i-Plant Nutrition, the launch of the i-Plant Nutrition app signifies another exciting update fort the company. The app enables our global users to attain their information, which now includes, irrigation, fertigation and organic fertilizer technology, from their portable devices anywhere in the world, making the software even more accessible and user-friendly”

i-Plant Nutrition is part of Yellow Brick Capital’s YB AgTech. For further information on the software please visit https://i-plantnutrition.com/. For further information on YB AgTech please visit https://ybagtech.com/
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