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Smart Fertilizer is now i-Plant Nutrition
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i-Plant Nutrition  and precision agricultural technology company SupPlant  SupPlant released a sensor-less precision plant nutrition  platform.GroPlant  offers farmers access to data and satellite driven information designed to improve  water and fertilization efficiency, while taking into consideration weather events.

The app will be priced to target governmental agricultural activities, empowerment projects, contract growers and small holder farmers who were previously priced out of other technologies, providing recommendations to farmers based on collective data  as well as remote sensing  inputs. In its first stage, GroPlant will target farmers in Asia and Africa.

“The development of GroPlant is set to revolutionize and empower smaller, low-income farmers across the world,” notes  Johnathan Kol-Bar, i-Plant Nutrition chairman and CEO. “Together with SupPlant, we have collected a vast amount of fertilization and irrigation data which will now become accessible to millions of farmers at an affordable cost.”

i-Plant Nutrition software’s fertilization algorithm has been built through data collection and machine learning, accumulated through global farmer partnerships, laboratory testing, academic research and sensor inputs. The algorithm incorporates 215 crops and 5,000 commercial fertilizers, and is used across 72 countries. This has been integrated with SupPlant’s irrigation database and knowledge based on expertise in 31 crops grown in 14 countries representing over 2,500 accumulative seasons.

The functionalities of GroPlant include field creation for selection of crops, field area, planting date, irrigation methods and auto geo-location. The software will also provide real-time weather alert and lead the farmers to apply the appropriate irrigation strategy in response to extreme weather conditions. Alongside this, users will be able to utilize a ‘favourite fertilizers’ selection to create a preset list for ease of use as well as soil specs and nutrients status. Users will also receive periodic reports and irrigation and fertigation schedules.

“SupPlant’s and i-Plant Nutrition’s capabilities to find a unique solution that for the first time is intended for GroPlant has a vast potential with extraordinary implications on the economy of entire communities and food and water reserves in these countries,” said Ori Ben-Ner , SupPlant CEO.
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